Lifestyles 55 Radio

WINNIPEG’S FIRST  Digital Radio Station in the making! Tune in to hear The Gardener with Dorothy Dobbie, My Generation and Off the Record with John Einarson; Summer Sounds with Greg Gardner; The Retro Rec Room with Alex Regiec and John Panting; and Golden’s Oldies with Chis Golden and many more to come...

Lifestyles 55

Lifestyles 55 functions as a link between Winnipeg's and Manitoba’s older generations and the world in which they live, and to contribute to the bond between them. We succeed when that bonding works and grows stronger.

The Hub

The Hub Winnipeg is a unique magazine, a brag piece for Winnipeg, its airport and our province – as well as an introduction to some of the amazing places we are linked to through the Winnipeg Richardson International airport.

Since 1993


A time when all Manitobans will get together and celebrate confederation of 1870.

Plans are afoot to enjoy this amazing time of celebration throughout all of our communities in our beautiful province. We are looking to you for help, we have put our heads together and come up collectively with some ideas as to how we can have fun with everyone. Now we need your input? What ideas, dreams or wishes do you have?


Why not let us know what you hope for, and we will see how best we can help achieve them.




Helping you live every moment to the fullest.

A community outreach tabloid in cooperation with the Deer Lodge Centre.

Concordia Way

90 years of caring for the community.

A community outreach tabloid in cooperation with the Concordia Foundation

Centre News

From the RBC Convention Centre.

A community outreach tabloid in cooperation with the RBC Convention Centre

Regional Times

Growing and working together.

A community outreach tabloid in cooperation with the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region.