A nightmare made good

Brent Poole
Home Improvements

I was recently invited by a home owner to rectify a renovation with work that I can only say was completed by an unqualified renovator. 

The home owners had requested the following to be completed by the renovator. Their first mistake was in contracting a neighbor.

The scope of work to be carried out was:

• A shower to be installed, 
• a small wall to be moved,
• 2 large rolling doors be installed at their clothes closet,
• new drywall be installed to a portion of the ceiling of a bedroom,
• a pocket door be installed, and
• the ceiling in shower be refinished.

Upon inspection, the nightmare began to reveal itself. My findings were that:

• The wall around the shower had not been fastened to the ceiling joists, leaving it to sway like sails on a ship.
• The 2 large doors that were on rollers, (weight approximately 400 LB) were hung on a 2×6 piece of timber, instead of a laminated 2×10 lintel, bowing in the centre leaving scuff marks on the floor.
• The drywall on the ceiling was not fastened correctly, showed signs of sagging (almost ready to fall). This should be taped and plastered.
• The pocket door was not installed correctly, leaving me scratching my head.
• The ceiling in the shower was very poorly finished, it was rough and needed to be completed once again.
• The trim that had been installed was nailed on, not mitered and not caulked (looked terrible), like a dart board.
• Unfortunately, the renovator had not used drop sheets when painting, consequently, there were paint splashes and specks throughout.

How did we help, with the nightmare?

• The wall that was not fastened at the top, required new studs to be installed as they were not long enough to reach and small blocks had been placed to hold the wall in place, new drywall was required.
• A laminated 2×10 lintel was installed to provide support to hang the large rolling doors, no more scuff marks.
• Drywall on the ceiling was re-fastened, taped and re-finished.
• The pocket door was installed correctly. I don’t need to scratch my head anymore.
• The ceiling in the shower was refinished and repainted.
• New trim was installed correctly.
• Paint splashes were removed and WE DO USE DROP SHEETS.

When you plan on home renovations, do your research and make sure you get what you need.

As a contractor, it pains me immensely in seeing how people put trust in unqualified types. Our company enjoys working on all aspects of home renovating, we really do not like following shoddy workmanship. It is appalling that this is still so very apparent in these times. We pride ourselves on integrity, honesty and always complete our projects on time and in budget. 

ONCE AGAIN – to be sure you get what you want, check the references. Usually, it is best to use a pro.