Filing your taxes is no easy task 

Marty Morantz

Oftentimes, it is confusing and downright difficult. 

Many do not have access to or can’t afford the resources they need to file their taxes like computers, a printer, or money to pay expensive accountants or income tax offices. 

I recognize that filing your taxes can be a frustrating process and that for many, there is nowhere to go. 

That is why I was more than happy to offer a free income tax clinic for seniors and low-income community members for the third year in a row.

The income threshold to qualify for the service was a maximum of $35,000.

From February to April, my office saw daily appointments with constituents to receive their tax information, then hand it off to professional tax preparers who volunteered to help constituents file their taxes. 

In addition to their usual duties, my staff met up to 15 constituents a day to help them file their taxes. That was the busiest I’ve ever seen my office!

After countless meetings and heaps of paperwork, I am pleased to announce that our free income tax clinic helped over 100 community members access over $130,000 in refunds!

While I am delighted with the success of my free income tax clinic, I can’t ignore the reality that life is getting more difficult and expensive. 

Inflation is taking a bite out of everyone’s income but more so for those on fixed incomes like seniors.

Our community needs all the help it can get, and these funds will give those who participated in my free tax clinic the boost they need. 

Even the smallest things like tax refunds can make all the difference.

Special thanks to our wonderful volunteers Herman, Elvis, and Bob for their hard work.

See you next year!

Marty Morantz is the MP for St. James Assinniboiea–Charleswood–Headingley.