Manitoba Association of Senior Centres (MASC): Income Security

Retired Teachers Association of Manitoba

Income Security has been discussed from many view points over the past six months. They are all related to the mission, vision and values of the Retired Teachers Association of Manitoba (RTAM). The RTAM mission is to serve and advocate for all retired teachers. RTAM’s vision is the well-being of retired teachers through appropriate member services and strong partner relationships. RTAM values belief in mutual respect, diversity of opinion, tolerance of different viewpoints, integrity and transparency while working collaboratively towards a common goal.

The average retiring age of teachers is 59. The age of RTAM’s 10,000 members ranges from 55 to 108. RTAM is very interested in the federal, provincial and local government’s policies and commitments to older adults. There are more people age 65 and over now than there are children 15 and younger. Older adults vote, thus our interest in elections and our ongoing interest in pensions, national health, and local wellness issues and all the other services necessary for an older adult to enjoy a productive and active lifestyle.

RTAM’s volunteer study of five years ago highlights the fact that 80 percent of our membership volunteers over 40 hours a month on average. This is a huge financial saving for governments. The website indicates that “It’s a fact: Better Income Can Lead to Better Health” and gives information on tax savings benefits for older adults. RTAM’s legacy is an endowment fund with the Winnipeg Foundation giving awards that support life-long learning and volunteerism in their younger relatives.

RTAM provides wellness seminars annually on topics such as Extreme Winter Driving, Power of Attorney, Wills, Health Directive, and ERIK kits with help to prevent Elder Abuse and Safety for Seniors including safety on our streets as well as from scams, fraud etc. All are related to income security and to the well-being of RTAM members. Take responsibility for your assets and your beliefs. Visit a lawyer and make sure your assets are destined to go where you want them to and to whom. Include the people involved in your will and prevent disagreements and heartaches after you are gone.

Our wellness seminars also include creative suggestions such as a Photography Workshop where people can follow their passion and find a new reason for learning and living life to the fullest. Programs such as this provide opportunities to meet new people of like mind to avoid isolation and loneliness, the biggest danger as we age.

RTAM has redesigned the website to provide members with up to date information about the workings of the organization and RTAM’s benefits as well as volunteer opportunities. There is a summary of the events offered by committees to the 21 Chapters located throughout the province and information about the upcoming Annual General Meeting on May 6, 2020, at the Holiday Inn West on Portage Avenue. 

In the Something New category, RTAM is partnering with Trip Master to provide members with a variety of trip and tour possibilities at reasonable prices.

Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba (RTAM) is located at 206 – 1555 St. James St., Winnipeg. Call 1-204-889-3660, email or go online to

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