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The writ is dropped; bigger pay cheques for all Manitobans

What’s the most effective way of giving the lowest earners a boost to their income? It is by letting them keep more of their own money.

By Dorothy Dobbie

To create bigger paycheques for all Manitobans, a re-elected PC government will cut the tax rate on the first $47,000 of lowest provincial income tax bracket in half over the next four years, representing a 1.35% tax reduction annually, PC Leader Heather Stefanson announced today.

For the average income of $50,000, that amounts to savings of $1,900 per year by 2028, or roughly the equivalent of an extra paycheque every year, providing long-term tax relief for Manitobans.

“The cost-of-living crisis requires more than temporary action. It requires ongoing commitment,” Stefanson said. “Manitobans are worried about the very real threat of tax increases under the NDP. The PCs are committed to permanently lowering taxes because we know that is the roadmap to a more prosperous society where all can benefit.

“The NDP wants to bribe Manitobans with your own money and temporary measures— we’re here to help you for the long term,” she said.

The promised tax changes are made possible by strong provincial growth revenues and the early results of economic development initiatives undertaken by the PC government, Stefanson said. The changes will be done with fiscal responsibility in mind and will build on historic tax measures in Budget 2023, which increased the Basic Personal Amount and has already resulted in an extra $75 per month in tax savings for Manitobans, most meaningfully for the lowest earners.

Balancing the budget

The provincial budget will be balanced by 2025 under a re-elected PC government, Stefanson said. That’s two years ahead of schedule, and all while lowering taxes and making record investments into healthcare, education, and infrastructure across Manitoba. “Manitobans can also rest assured that these savings will not come at the expense of the services they need, want, and deserve. We know that the only way to prosperity for all our citizens is to grow the economy. A bigger pie feeds everyone better while increasing government revenues.”

“There is a lot of instability in the world, but here’s something you can count on,” she added. “A Progressive Conservative government understands how to bring prosperity to all Manitobans because we have the experience and the plan to make it happen.”

Carbon Tax to be removed from heating bills

Manitobans also continue to be punished by the unfair NDP-Liberal Carbon Tax which is doing nothing to mitigate climate change in our province.

The PCs have previously committed to fighting the carbon tax on Manitoba Hydro. Now, after receiving a favourable legal opinion, a re-elected PC government will instruct Manitoba Hydro to immediately remove the carbon tax from all Hydro bills within the first 10 days of a new PC mandate, Stefanson said. This will not only help homeowners but will be a major boost for small businesses such as greenhouses and for farmers, allowing them to prosper and hire more people or pay higher wages.

“This is just the start of our plan to help you make ends meet, keep our health-care system on the road to recovery, fight violent crime, and create jobs, growth and opportunities in every corner of Manitoba,” the Premier said.

“I promised to fight for Manitobans, and I am going to keep fighting for you!”

The provincial election will be held on October 3, 2023.


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